Surgery Instructions


Pre Surgery Call

You will receive a phone call from our pre-operative nurses 1–5 days prior to your scheduled procedure. This is to obtain your medical history, give you pre-surgical information, and ensure you are an appropriate candidate for outpatient surgery.

Change in Condition

If you experience any changes in your health, such as a cold, fever or rash, please contact your physician prior to your surgery.

Leaving the Facility

Your surgeon will provide specific instructions for care while recovering at home. In the event of any difficulty, please call your surgeon. For the first 24 hours following your procedure, do not engage in strenuous activities, drink alcoholic beverages, drive or make critical decisions. A nurse from the facility will attempt to call you within a day or two to evaluate how you are recovering at home. You may be asked to complete a patient survey about the care you received. Your comments will enable us to continue to improve our services.